Community and Business Opportunities for Highfields

Considerable input and action has taken place surrounding the progression of a regionally significant catalytic project which will make a difference to the growth, community and heart of Highfields.

The HDBC steering group for the HCHeart:Project 2020 has undertaken extensive consultation and briefings in order to further this project and communicate developments with key stakeholders, local leaders and the community.  The purpose of this local leadership approach is to actively facilitate the good growth outcomes of future public and private infrastructure investment – growth that strengthens the social and economic diversity of Highfields Town Centre and its adjacent communities.

By working together, we can achieve a fantastic opportunity.  It will be a community legacy for future generations in Highfields.

Community leadership is significant in this project and key leaders have expressed their views from the perspective of their key community sector on the challenges and opportunities which Highfields faces.

Five key community leaders presented at the Highfields Growth Forum on 3 November 2016.

  • Senior Constable Chris Brameld – Community safety
  • Rev. Phil West (Carinty Brownsholme) – Aged care
  • Sharon Barker (Principal of Highfields State Secondary College) – youth and education
  • Major Sonny Lynn (Borneo Barracks) – Defence opportunities
  • Chris Mills (Strategenics) – Business and local survey

Hear the challenges and opportunities that Highfields faces in the videos.