Highfields Community Heart: Project 2020

The HDBC Highfields Community Heart: Project 2020 (HCHeart: Project 2020) is an exciting community driven project seeking to fund a best practice model for infrastructure and economic development in Highfields.

The HCHeart: Project 2020 is driven by the core values of safety, wellbeing and connectivity.

HCHeart: Project 2020’s vision is ‘To create a regionally significant network of public spaces in the heart of Highfields that are safe and welcoming for all of our community…. spaces that become a catalyst for local growth and regional economic vitality.’

Highfields District Business Connections (HDBC) has established the HCHeart: Project 2020 for the purpose of creating new community public spaces in the heart of Highfields. It has already gained community endorsement and local, state and federal government in-principle support. The project is led by a Steering Group of HDBC members.

The project’s first priority is to develop an investible business case for a ‘catalyst’ infrastructure project. In turn, the bankable business pitch document will provide the foundation for implementing Phases 4 and 5 which will deliver critical physical infrastructure in the centre of Highfields. The outcomes will provide innovative and collaborative business opportunities for the 21stCentury and underpin economic viability.

Investment in the HCHeart: Project 2020 will deliver DIRECT benefits for the community, business, youth and families of Highfields. Highfields is taking leadership, this is a community taking responsibility for its future. Infrastructure will drive the social and economic outcomes of safety, wellbeing and connectivity, all essential elements for liveability and building a strong civil society as well as attracting business and investment.

Hon. Dr John McVeigh MP, Federal Member for Groom, Cr Carol Taylor, Deputy Mayor, Toowoomba Regional Council, Mr Trevor Watts MP, Member for Toowoomba North and Cr Paul Antonio, Mayor, Toowoomba Regional Council discuss the HCHeart:Project 2020 at the Community Update in March 2017.

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